Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fadensonnen - Grey EP (FR001 - December 2010)


Fadensonnen's debut EP - high energy rock meeting expansive guitar duels stretching into the phase shifted stratosphere.



Via Christopher Stigliano's excellent Blog To Comm:

Blog To Comm 2011 ALBUM OF THE YEAR - "ALBUM OF THE YEAR: hard choice really...I mean, which Fadensonnen Cee-Dee should I pick? Well, of the three I guess it's platter #1 that earns the highest honors for this year. Given the overtly squeaky-clean image that "rock music" had saddled on in since the eighties it's sure wonderful to hear something overdrive again. "

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Fadensonnen-GREY EP CD (Fadensonnen)

Here's an unsolicited item I received in the mail today complete with a note that read "Hi Chris, High (Psychic) Energy Rock didn't die - it seeped into the waterways of Brooklyn. Hope you enjoy this!" Now, some might think that I would revert back to my true self and tinkle sprinkle all over this particular disque like Iggy's girlfriend would to Iggy himself, but I refuse to do what would come most natural to me and hey, will give this disque a more-than-decent writeup! Fadensonnen are a pretty hotcha group that kinda reminds me of some of those experimental aggregates of the past twenty years who have been springing up from some of the most bizarre places imaginable...Charlamanides 'r whatever they're called and some of the Japanese post-Rallizes Denudes acts come to mind. And (given the weirdo cover graphic reprinted above) a bit of the specter of Chrome seems to be looming high above as well. Hot electric guitar blare with psychedelic hints that remind me of post-Hendrix scronkings w/o the vocals, or any other instruments for that matter. A "PD" and "RD" make of the group and their wild feedback-drenched sound is enough to give heart and hope to this way-outta-it oldtimer who still follows Lester Bangs' dictum about feedback being the best thing that happened to the electric guitar (and all that Lou Reed did on METAL MACHINE MUSIC was take the guitar away!). You might think it's boring but personally I find the entire thing very intense, engaging, mesmerizing and invigorating simultaneous-like. And who knows, you might too! "Highly recommended" way for you to toss out more of your hard-begged!"

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Via Foxy Digitalis:

This self-releasd EP comes out of the blocks lickety-split.  East River Blues is a semi-immersive cacophony of shredded guitar squawks, clattering drums and rabid tape manipulation that fits the band’s description of themselves (as much as I hate it) as being “High Energy Improvised Rock and Roll.”  Still, it’s all a little bit trite and banal, which is precisely what improvisation shouldn’t be.

The next four tracks slow the pace somewhat, instead concerning themselves with the creation of dry desert atmospheres akin to those favoured by Earth of late.  Funeral For Murdered Oranges is ponderous and arid, plodding along for three minutes or so without really going anywhere and Brooklyn Gamelan – although spacier and slightly speedier – is similarly staid.

When they give themselves the space and time to open up and develop like they do on Cambridge-Upon-Morning, Fadensonnen prove to be a pretty captivating duo.  Here they strum, twang and bend to good effect, conjuring up Leone’s gigantic landscapes and taking off to soar above them.

The final track here is Glacier Night, a sprawling, dust-blown journey through Death Valley that defies its chilly title and finally collapses in on itself in a maelstrom of thunderous drums and pained guitar expression.  When Fadensonnen allow themselves to stretch out and flow like this they can be quite an absorbing unit.  It’s just a pity they don’t do it more often. - Steve Dewhurst

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Via Arcane Candy:

PD and RD (I’m on an initials-only basis with these guys!), also known as Fadensonnen, is a duo of din-makers who hail (a cab) from Brooklyn, New York. (Soon to be re-named Old York, or maybe New Spice.) On their alien-titled debut CD, Grey, they offer your brain / ears combo a half hour’s worth of surly sonics that crawl the gamut from noisy guitar feedback with maniacally hyperactive, freeform drumming to sparse, plaintive pickfests to all-out drone / riff-athons–all reverb-soaked and recorded in murky lo-fidelity. This shirt, I mean short but sweet set is sure to please electric fans of sub-underground drone / shamble rock–especially from Japan and New Zealand.

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